Wanderers Junior Rugby League Player Info



Players need to register online through mysideline-

Players that have not previously been registered in rugby league will need to provide evidence of age as part of the registration process. This is in the form of a copy of a birth certificate or passport. Registration cannot be approved and player cannot commence training until the registration is completed.


Training sessions are held during the week after school at either Leprechaun Park near the airport or at the Mackay Junior Rugby League Grounds. Coaches determine training days, times and location. For more information please contact the club President.

Wanderers Junior Rugby League Information

Prior to the commencement of training players are required to complete a medical form

Volunteer Information

It is essential that all volunteers have a valid blue card to start. We have a strict No Card – No Start  policy. As a not-for-profit club we are run only by volunteers. We are fortunate at Wanderers to have the ongoing support of many volunteers and our club would not be able to function without them.

As the saying goes, more hands make light work so please, take the time to consider if you can help out in any of the Volunteer positions we need to operate.

Your time is genuinely appreciated and it is also a great way to meet some of the wonderful people in the Wanderers community.

Volunteers for each team include:

  • Coach and Assistant Coach
  • Manager
  • Leaguesafe Trainer(s) (water runner) (yellow shirt)
  • Sports Trainer(s) (First Aid Officer) (green/ blue/orange shirt)

There are 3 types of Sports Trainer accreditations;

  • League First Aid (green shirt) – minimum required for U6-U15 games
  • Level 1 Sports Trainer (blue shirt) – minimum for U16 and up
  • Level 2 Sports Trainer (orange) – overseeing game day and provide support to lower level Sports Trainers


Register with Wanderers

  • Volunteers assuming multiple roles (eg. Coach and Leaguesafe) please register for each role


Get a BlueCard
no card = no start

  • BlueCard link
  • New application need to be approved; email your account number and DOB to the Secretary
  • Under 18 year olds do not require a BlueCard
  • First time applications need to link with Wanderers, contact Secretary for more information
  • Driver’s Licence number with a photo less than 6 years and 9 months old will need to go to the local TMR and request a new photo



  • Courses link
  • Coaches, Sports Trainers & Leaguesafe trainers require manditory accreditation
  • Coach – Community Coaching course (online and face-to-face)
  • Sports Trainer – Trainer courses (varying)
  • Leaguesafe –  Leaguesafe course (online and free)


Team Sheet

  • Communicate with the Team Mananager and ensure you are on the team list

Some courses have a cost associated. The club will reimburse volunteers; email the Treasurer the invoice, certificate of accreditation of the course completed and bank details for reimbursement.

Leaguesafe and FAOs are required to wear specific shirts when on field during a game. The club purchases these and lends out to volunteers. FAOs, please communicate with the Manager of your team or the President when you have completed your FAO course so a shirt can be purchased.


Referees are an important part of our game and a great way to earn some money. Accreditation is open to anyone aged 13 year and up and is a 2-stage process (online modules and a face-to-face workshop).

Some costs associated with referee accreditation are covered by the club. For more information please contact the President.



Jerseys are supplied and maintained by the club.

Playing shorts and socks  will still be available to purchase from Intersport Mackay.  There are limited playing shorts also available on  the online store 

U6s and U7s,  ensure  shorts have the velcro tabs for League Tag.


Various other club merchandise options are available for sale like training shorts and shirts and club shirts through our shop.



  • 10 weeks
  • Leaguetag (no tackle)
  • Non-competitive
  • Require playing shorts with velcro tabs for tags – see Merchandise and Team Wear



  • 17 weeks
  • Non-competitive
  • Modified form of International Laws


  • 14 weeks; (if qualify) 3 weeks finals + grand final
  • Competitive (scoring required)
  • International Laws
  • Safe Play Code applies


  • 14 weeks; (if qualify) 3 weeks finals + grand final
  • Competitive (scoring required)
  • International Laws

U12 Girls

  • 10 weeks
  • Non-competitive
  • Most games played Friday

U14 Girls –
U18 Girls

  • 9 weeks; (if qualify) 2 weeks finals + grand final
  • Competitive (scoring required)
  • Most games played Friday


The majority of games will be played at Mackay Junior Rugby League (MJRL) fields on Casey Avenue, Paget.

2023 Season Summary

Wanderers will have a home game played at Leprechaun Park, Milton Street, Paget and will also play some away games at Proserpine, Walkerston, Sarina and Moranbah. It is an expectation of the club that all players will support the away games and travel where needed.

2024 entry to the games is free for children – Adults pay $4.50 (Grand Final day $5.50)

2024 Season Passes will be available from Mackay Junior Rugby League. The cost of a season pass is TBA per Adult. Season passes can be used at MJRL grounds and any away games where MJRL fixture is being played throughout the season. It makes sense for those with multiple children playing to hold a season pass as if you enter the grounds on a Friday night and then a Saturday you will still have to pay both times.


Fees (registration & insurance) for the 2024 season will be as follows:

U5/6 mixed team $135 ($115 rego + $20 insurance)
U7 mixed team $280 ($260 rego + $20 insurance)
U8-U12 mixed teams $285 ($260 rego + $25 insurance)
U13-U15 boys teams $295 ($260 rego + $35 insurance)
U16-U17 boys teams $300 ($260 rego + $40 insurance)
U12 girls team $85 ($60 rego + $25 insurance)
U14 girls team $240 ($205 rego + $35 insurance)
U16-18 girls teams $245 ($205 rego + $40 insurance)

Fees are a combination of a registration fee (RLMD registration, running of the club to provide playing and training gear for the teams) and an insurance fee.

Wanderers encourage all players to register as soon as possible to assist with team organisation.  Payment of the insurance fee is mandatory but the registration fee is optional during the registration process.

Players are required to be registered and have all fees paid in full or entered into a payment agreement plan with the Treasurer, to be able to commence training (as per Wanderers Fees and Refund Policy).

To enter into a payment argreement plan contact the Treasurer.

If this is not followed, permission to train will not be granted. Please contact the Treasurer if you need a payment agreement setup.

Wanderers support Fair Play Vouchers offered by the QLD Government. Please visit the webpage for more information

Visit QLD Gov FairPlay Voucher

Club Presentations

Wanderers typically hold two presentations at end of the year;

Junior presentation –  for the U6 to U12 teams (informal fun event)

Senior presentation  –  for the U13 to U17 and U18 Girls teams (ticketed, player and parent event only).

Wanderers Junior Rugby League Awards


Wanderers have represented proudly in many carnivals over the years and the club supports teams participating. This is a great time for both players and parents and helps create the important social connections needed for a successful club. We encourage all players and parents to be involved.

The following is a summary of the carnivals in the region .

  • U7 Corey Jensen Cup (Bowen)  28 September 2024
  • U8 Dean Schifiliti Shield (Ingham)   31 August 2024
  • U9 Paul Bowman Challenge (Proserpine)  14 – 15 September 2024
  • U10 Gordon Tallis Cup (Townsville)  21 – 23 September 2024
  • U11 Laurie Spina Shield (Townsville)  5 – 6 July 2024
  • U12 Shane Muspratt (Ayr/Burdekin)  5 – 6 April 2024
  • U13 Nate Myles Cup (Cairns)  22 – 23 June 2024
  • U14B & U14G Tassell Trophy (Cairns)  21 – 22 September 2024
  • U15B & U16G Crocs to Canetoads (Sarina)  6 – 7 April 2024
  • Mackay Indigenous Carnival (Opens) (Mackay) TBA 2024

life members & club patrons

Life Member
Bevan (Cussa) Saron
Jeff Bennington
Greg Canavan
Pat Parsons
Leo Kane
Berna Bartolo
Kerith Noy
Irene Mulherin
John Mulherin (Snr)
John Mulherin (Jnr)
Scott Johnson
Bernie Vella
Club Patron
John Mulherin (Snr)
Irene Mulherin

manager information

Please see Manager Handbook for detail information for team managers.

Permission to travel form for carnivals: Match Sanctioning Form link

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